Our Services

We are providing a full range of ERP implementation, ERP consulting, ERP customization, as well as ERP upgrading and ERP help desk services. In our commitment to create long-lasting customer partnerships, we are working together to identify our customers’ requirements and providing everything the user needs in one place to address any business challenge.

We integrate our business solution and Infor LN ERP software that features capabilities designed to meet the unique business requirements and our method assures quality implementations with governance; quality control; and certified, industry-specific, best practice procedures. Built on industry standards and designed to minimize risk, this method is vertical specific and supports both waterfall and agile development methods. The result is high quality projects delivered on time and on budget.

We use our industry expertise and business knowledge to help you incorporate best practices and approach old business models in fresh ways as well as Infor Advisory Services’ goal is to set you up for long-term success from the start and partner with you to continually improve and adapt as your business changes.

To address your business needs beyond your ERP system, we also offer technical services such as customization and functional application management. The Infor Xi technology platform connects Infor LN with many other best-in class applications that can address even the toughest business problems.

We encourage our customer to minimize software customization and use more out-of-the-box pre-configurations. When our customer spend less time on customization and configuration, this can shorten their implementation timeline.

Our support team is providing whatever level of support customer require. We cover all operational services, system administration, capacity planning, service pack, maintenance, backup and recovery, as well as a full range of services for optimum application performance.

Our IT team is always ready to help planning and implementing your system or software. We are also proficient in infrastructure, networking, and security. Cloud hosting solutions are now easily controlled and deployed by our management personnel. Communicating with Cloud hosting providers such as AWS are our duty as well. We will take care of all of your cloud incidents whether big or small.

We are capable of implementing Machine Interface in order to make the machines communicate with other devices and vice-versa. Transferring data from machines both in and out were always frustrating in the past, but right now we can take care of this part for you so you can put your essential resources to other parts of your strategy.

As time goes by, so does the technology. Automation is one of the most advanced fields that can reduce human cost along with human errors in one hit. We offer our professional services for making system-wide automation solutions possible for your company.

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